22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 10

A Spanish General Strike

The threat by the Spanish Federation of Building Trades--which had a grievance against the Government on account of hasty action by a police officer—was carried out last " week-end." Madrid enjoyed a forty-

eight hours' General Strike (with a reduction of twenty- four hours in the case of the essential public services), Similar strikes of protest and sympathy were organized in Barcelona, Valencia and other centres. The word " enjoyed " seems to fit the situation, since the strikes were mostly good-humoured affairs. The Government had received an assurance that there would be no break- down of the gas, electric light, and water services, and there was in fact no serious incident in Madrid, and little inconvenience. Sunday was a day of peace and quiet, such as dwellers in Madrid may have dreamt of, but never thought possible. The General Union of Workers which- organized the strike—possibly in order to forestall its rival the Syndicalist organization which was the source of some trouble in Barcelona on this as on every occasion—is a sane, moderate and well- disciplined body.

* • • •