22 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 66

Sir Charles Fielding, in Your Road to 'Prosperity (Th e Okehurst

Co.), is rather pathetic in his loyalty to " the Party in which I was brought up." For the policy which he is here expounding is nothmg less than that Socialist agricultural policy (with additions) with which the present Government have failed to provide us. Granted a revolution, it might be accomplished (though even then it is doubtful whether an English peasantry, far more conservative than the Russian, would take well to `village centres" and the other concomitants of very large-scale farming), but short of a revolu- tion we shall probably have to be content with the experiments of Dr. Addison. True, as Sir Charles Fielding says, in the War we did something of the same sort ; but we are afraid that most Englishmen will answer : " Thank heaven, then, that we are not at war now," and they will not heed his fully justified reiteration that we are.

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