22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 18

A First Set of Songs, and a Duct. The Words

by T. H. BAYLY and others; the Music by H. HERE.

Whether these songs were originally written to the words now at- tached to them, or to any words, does not appear : we incline to think not, as they have frequently marks of after—not original union. To most of them is appended some such notice as this—" Published also as a Rondo for the Pianoforte ;" and a plaintive ditty beginning "Winds hush'd to a sigh," is stated to have been expanded and mar- tialized into "a Military Divertimento by the same composer." Po- tent and large must be the author's facilities for musical transmutation, which can change a lullaby into the battle's roar. Some of the airs are pleasing, and have a decidedly vocal character ; especially, "Now the night her mantle closes," and " The land of Song." The symphony to the latter is uncouth and discordant--we suppose purposely so.