22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 3

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The members of the Reform Association at Newcastle-upon-Tyne assembled on Tuesday evening, and, after a long discussion, passed re- solutions, declaring the necessity of a Reform in the House of Lords ; the duty of the Newcastle Liberals to return men of their own opinions to represent them in the House of Commons ; and that Sir William Molesworth, from his acknowledged ability and high public character, his zeal for Reform and the extension of the Suffrage, and his services in unmasking the plots of the Orange party, was a fit and proper per- son to be elected. A committee was appointed to prepare and forward an invitation to Sir William Molesworth to become a candidate for

Newcastle at the next election. The meeting broke up with three

cheers for Sir William. • Sir Hussey Vivian has accepted the invitation of the East Cornwall Whigs to become a candidate for their division of the county, upon the conditions that Sir William Trelawny's election shall not be endan- gered thereby, and that his own return is put beyond doubt.

An agent of Lord Eliot arrived at Mevagissey one evening last week; on hearing which, a noted Reformer ordered the town-crier to proclaim that a Tory had arrived in the town, and cautioned them all to be care- ful how they promised their votes. The people were thus put on their guard, and the agent had but slender success.—Falmouth Packet.

The borough of Knaresborough is taking steps to deliver itself from the disgrace of being misrepresented in Parliament by Messrs. Richards and Lawson. Mr. Rich and Sir William Ingilby are mentioned as candidates.—Hull Observer.

The Conservatives of Devonport, says the Plymouth Gazette, have resolved on again bringing forward Mr. Dawson (brother-in-law of Sir Robert Peel) as a candidate for the representation of the borough at the next election. It is also mentioned that Lord Valletort will be named as his colleague.

Mr. W. J. Denison, Mr. W. Crawford, Mr. Mangles, Mr. Hawes, Mr. Long, Mr. C. B. Sheridan, and many other gentlemen of pro- perty in West Sorry, held a meeting at Farnham yesterday, for the purpose of establishing a Reform Association. The speeches were of a very Whiggish character. A public dinner was given by the friends of Corporate Reform in

Bristol, on Tuesday, to the Liberal members of the Town-Council. There was some interference with the harmony of the evening, by the refusal of a large portion of the company to drink the health of the "Mayor and Corporation." Explanations ensued, to the effect that the Mayor conducted himself with impartiality in his office ; and finally about three-fourths of the company drank the toast.

There have been Tory gatherings within a few days at Tewkesbury,

Ripon, and Liverpool ; but there was nothing striking in the speeches at eitber of these meetings. Almost every orator rung his changes on the old approved Tory topics. At Ripon, the Earl of "that ilk laboured to demonstrate the patriotism of the Peers and his own. At Liverpool, a Mr. Daniel Holme, a builder, was the chief spokesman,

and quite cut out Level Sandon, Mr. William Gladstone, and Mr Wilkins who .commonly excels all competitors in abusing O'Connell and the Wilkins, at the Lancashira Tory dinners.