22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 3

Lord John Russell has communicated to the Judges at the

Central Criminal Court, an Order in Council, dated 21st September, directing that " the Gaol of Newgate shall henceforth be appropriated only for the reception of prisoners before trial, and that convicted prisoners shall be imprisoned in the General Penitentiary."

On Thursday, the Middlesex Magistrates granted a number of music and theatrical licences ; among them, one to a new theatre in Norton Falgate. Application for licences for the Royal Standard Theatre, Shoreditch, and the Royal Kent Theatre, Kensington, were refused, after much discussion.

At the Bow Street Office, on Monday, a private in the Scotch Fusi- leer Guards was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, for at- tempting to stab two Policemen with his bayonet. The soldier was drunk.

In the Court of Requests, Guildhall, on Thursday, Messrs. Morri- son and Co., of Fore Street, appeared to resist a claim of 4s. Sd. for carriage and porterage of two parcels made by the porter of the Belle Sauvage. They tendered 4s. 4d.

The objection was to a claim set up by the coach-offices, &c. of 2d. on each parcel as " office money," or what is called "_paid out," that is, 2d. for book- ing at an intermediate office on the journey. The firm submitted that for the price of the carriage the carrier was bound to take charge of the parcel from the time it was delivered to him until the time he delivered it to the party to whom it was directed ; that if a carrier, after undertaking the carriage of a parcel, might pay intermediate offices for that care which he himself had under- taken, and with which the law then charged him, he might pay as many as he pleased, and as much as he pleased, without any authority from the owner, and the public could have no protection.

The Commissioners decided in favour of the objection, and against the charge of twopence.

The wife of an admiral, now on a foreign station, was fined five shil- lings by the Kensington Magistrates, WI Tuesday, for being drunk on Sunday evening. She had been drinking brandy and water at Ham. mersmith, and was found on the road attempting to drive her pony chaise, but too much intoxicated to hold the reins.