22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 6

A party were playing whist at one of the Club-houses,

and when one of the players, a noble lord, had shuffled the cards, Mr. — placed his hand on the pack, and called for the groom-porter. When the latter entered the room, Mr. — desired him to bring paper, wax, and tape. These were brought; and Mr. — then directed the waiter to seal up the packet, and keep it until the next day, and then lay it before the Corn. mittee. At six next morning, the noble lord left town for the Nether. lands.—/Iforaing Post.

The elopement from the neighbourhood of one of the Royal Palaces, of a young lady related to a noble Duke, with a person in humble life, which has gone the round of the papers, turns out to be no elopement at all, but a regularly-arranged marriage between Miss Manners, of Kempton Park, near Hampton Court, and Mr. Stapleton, the fish- monger, of.Egbarn, whose fine person and good looks had attracted much notice in the neighbourhood. The bride is one of the daughters of Mr. Manners, a descendant of an illegitimate son of one of the Dukes of Rutland, and has resided for many years at Kempton Park. It is said that Mr. Stapleton is in a large way of business, to which, it seems, his fair partner now entirely devotes herself.—Brightort Guardian.