22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 7



Some importance was yesterday attached to the weekly meeting of the Bank Directors, as it was believed that a resolution would be then adopted to extend the period for the repayment of the advances recently made by the Bank, the liquidation of which was fixed for yesterday ; but the meeting separated with.. out any resolution to that effect. The amount of the loans in question is stated to have been about 600,000/. ; and as they were of course all repaid, the cir- ciliation has been curtailed by that amount. In pursuance of their intention of operating further upon the circulation, and counteracting the tendency which still exists to a fall in the exchanges, it is understood that the Bank will not continue the loan of the 1,000,000/. of the East India Company's money, which they made some time ago to an eminent capitalist, and which will be- come due on the 30th. The Exchequer Bill Market continues very heavy; the DA Bills are at 4s. 2s. discount, and during the last few days some con- siderable amounts have been paid into the Exchequer on account of duties. If this state of things should long continue, it will compel the Government to in- crease still further the interest upon these Securities; and it is the opinion of some of the best-informed capitalists, that not only trill the Chancellor of the Exchequer be compelled to increase the interest upon the 1,id. Bills, but be driven, before the meeting of Parliament, to augment the rate upon all these Securities to 2id. per diem. The Stock Market continues very firm ; and the improvement in the price of Consols since our last has been more than per cent. Stock for immediate deliver y still continues scarce. During the last few days, Stock for Money has been the same price as that for the end of November ; and at one period to-day the price was from 1-16th to A higher for money than for time. In the Foreign Market, the notification of the non-payment of the Dividends upon the Spanish Active Bonds, has caused a considerable depression in the price of those Securities; and the price has been as low as 19. On Wednesday, a reaction to 21 occurred, occasioned by an improvement of 3 per cent. in Palk on Monday ; but that price was not long maintained, and the Stock has since fluctuated between 19 and 20. We are not aware of any bargains having been effected in the Havannah Debentures, for which the Coupons are to be exchanged ; but we know that 20 per cent has been offered for them in London, and that 23 to 31) per cent. has been bid in Paris. It is, however, in Holland that the large traffic in these Securities will occur; as they are pecu- liarly fitted for the Dutch Market. Portuguese Bonds were languid during the early part of the week, and some considerable sales both of Three per Cents. and Five per Cents. occurred ; so that the demand for Stock, which has recently existed, has been completely supplied. Just previous to the close of business this afternoon, an improve- ment of more than 1 per cent. occurred in Portuguese Bonds. This rise does not appear to have been occasioned by any political intelligence, but to have originated in some arrangements which have been made for appropriating the sums in the hands of the contractors of the last loan to the payment of Divi- dends upon the Regency Bonds and Three per Cents., which will become due on the 1st December.

The Dutch Bonds have risen about'4 per cent. ; the speech of the King on the opening of the States-General having negatived the rumours previously current, of the warlike tendencies of the Government of the Ilague.

Russian and the other European Stocks are also firmer.

Very little has occurred in the South American Stocks; and but few trans- actions in the Railway Shares. The Great Western and Southampton, upon both of which a call will soon become due, are heavy.


The Consol Market is very firm, and the price for Money is higher than that for the Account. Exchequer Bills are rather higher—lid. are 4s. to 2s. dis., and 2d. 2s. to 4s. prem. The Spanish and Portuguese Markets are both ma- terially improved : Spanish Stock opened at 20, has since been 21A, and is now 20-4 21. Portuguese Bonds have also risen materially, the Five per Cents. being 5311, and the Three per Cents. 34A 35. An express is said to have reached town this morning, bringing intelligence that GO3IEZ had been BO effectually surrounded by the Queen's troops, as to be compelled to capitulate. Although the fluctuations in Spanish and Portuguese Stocks have been consi- derable, the business transacted in them has not been extensive.


Consols have been at 89 for Money, but have since receded, and the price is 88i A both for Money and Account. Exchequer Bills remain steady, the lid. at 4 2 dis., and the 2d. 2 to 4 prem. In the Foreign Market, the European Continental Stocks are generally firm ; but the principal business of the after- noon has been confined to Spanish Bonds ; which have been at 203, and close at 204 21. The intelligence of the tendered submission of GO3IZZ has not pro- duced any effect upon these Funds. 3 per Cent. Consols 88 Danish 3 per Cents. 74 75 Ditto for Account 88jJ Dutch 24 ier Cents 53t1

3 per Cent. Reduced 88k Mexican 6 per Cents

New 34 per Cent Anna est 7 Portuguese Regency 5 p. Cts. 53 India Stuck 256i Ditto 3 per Cent. 344 35

Bank Stock 206 Ditto 5 per Cents 1836 Scrip.

Exchequer Bills 4 dig. 4 pm. Prussian (1818)5 per Cent .. — Belgian 5 per Cents 1014 24. Russian (1822)5 per Cent... 1064 74 Brazilian 5 per Cents 784 94 Spanish (1835) 5 per Cent... 204 21