22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 7



Intelligence favourable to the Spanish Liberals was communicated in a second edition of the Times this morning. It is to the effect, that General ALAI,/ encountered GOMEZ and his banditti in Andalusia, be- tween Cabra and Lucena, on or about the 13th instant, and completely defeated him, with the loss of 1000 killed and 1000 wounded. GOMEZ, after the action, offered to capitulate : but it is said that ALaix re- fused to enter into any negotiation with him. It is supposed that all the plunder scraped together by GOMEZ will be retaken, and his band utterly exterminated. Madrid was in a state of extreme exultation on the receipt of the news of this victory : we hope its extent and impor- tance are not exaggerated.