22 OCTOBER 1836, Page 7

The Registration intelligence from the country this morning is favour-

able to the Liberals. At Tiverton, the Tories have been boasting that they would secure a majority against Mr. HEATI1COAT and Lord PALMERSTON ; but the result of the Registration has been to add to the Liberal majority; which at the last election reached 100 votes. In North Durham, the Reformers are carrying the day ; and we learn from the Stafford Examiner, that in Sir ROBERT PEEL'S own borough of Tamworth so many Tories have been struck off the register, and so many Liberals added, that a Reforming colleague to Sir ROBERT may be returned. Let the Tamworth Liberals get a TOWNSIIEND to become their candidate, and they will probably oust Mr. WILLIAM YATES PEEL. In Lancashire, the real Reformers feel so strong, that if the Whig Aristocracy do not join them heartily, Radicals will be re- turned without their cooperation. In West Norfolk, the present Re- form Members have announced their determination to contest the county again with the Tories. Now that the Registrations are actually bringing the strength of parties to the test, we hear comparatively little of Tory victories in prospeetu.