22 SEPTEMBER 1860, Page 21


At the Gymnase, there is a new piece, called Le 'Voyage de M. Perri- then, which seems much more suited to the atmosphere of the Painis Royal, exhibiting as it does the odd perils and mishaps which befel a Parisian cockney in the course of a tour to Switzerland. Notwithstand- ing the extravagance of the piece,- it satirizes, in a remarkable manner, one of the worst elements of human nature. Of two suitors, who seek the hand of Mademoiselle Perrichon, one is personally offensive to her father, from the circumstance that he saves his life, and, that a_slipw of gratitude is accompanied by a feeling of humiliation. The other suitor, aware of M. Perrichon's unamiable peculiarity, contrives to plant, him- irAf into an imaginary danger, that the selfish man may save him, and thus feel a pleasant sedition to his own importance. The authors of this piece are MM. Labiche and E. Martin. A young libertine, who intending to settle down into virtuous matri- mony, plunges into greater difficulties than ever by the exceedingly "fast " fashion in which he bids adieu to the bachelor-life, figures in a bustling vaudeville, written by MM. IL Deslandes and Moreau, and pro- duced at the Varietes, with the title Une Chasse a Saint Germain.

The Porte Saint Martin appeals to the public with a grand feerie, founded by MM. Cogniard freres and. H., Cremieux, on the old extmva- gauze, Le Pied de Mouton, The original piece, written by Martinville, a literary adventurer of no high repute, was brought out at the Gait& in 1806, and may, therefore, be Considered an antiquity of its kind. From time to time, it has been. revived.with new accessories of magnificence, but the manager'of the Porte Saint Martin has surpassed all his prede- cessors.