23 JANUARY 1926, Page 17

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sue, — I have been particularly

interested in your leading article this week on the subject of " Buy British Goods." Your American correspondent is certainly illuminating ! I have just returned from the United States, and can thor- oughly appreciate his point of view. Almost everything is possible in America, but even in America it is impossible to buy .British goods if the British manufacturer does not send his goods .here for distribution and sale.

f PerhaPh,laS your correspondent says, " the English people: are tired-.1!. May I suggest that anytired manufacturer will do• well to fakethe first available boat to America, and on arrival visit the manufacturers and merchants engaged in a similar business to his own ? I-Ie will receive every courtesy and learn many things, but what will impress him most will be the fact that in the United States all the action is not left to the -buyer ; most of it is provided by the seller. Until Such time as British manufacturers awake from their lethargy -and act rather than talk, we may expect to see the page:4 of British periodicals filled with advertisements of American goods, while British manufacturers neglect the American market. This state of affairs is the more deplorable in view of the fact that the term " British Made carries considerable weight in the United -States, and the American Public would in many cases prefer British goods, were they available, to their Ameri• can counterparts.---I am, Sir, &c., G. VERNON & SONS, LTD.

C. HAROLD VERNON, Managing Director.

38 Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C.1.