23 JANUARY 1926, Page 24

REFERENCE BOOKS.—The Official Year Book for the Church of England,

1926. (S.P.C.K. 3s.) Contains a mass of useful inforniation and the " Who's Who of the Church Assembly " has been brought up to date and includes all members of the new Houses of Clergy and Laity. Philip's Handy Voiwne Atlas of the Tfrodi (fliy)rge Philip and Son. 4s.)

A legible and up-to-date pocket atlas with a good gazetteer for its size.—Cook's Travellers' Handbook : Venice. and Venetia, . _ (Thos. Cook. 5s.) A small size handbook, more manageable than the average guidebook, and more readable. The infor- mation is up to date and clearly arranged4---The Greatest Story in the World. By Horace G. Hutchinson. (John Murray. 8s. 6d.) A brightly told outline history of the last five centuries, up to 1914. The author has achieved a readable- sketch of the development of the modem world in 242 pages— no small task.—A German-English Dictionary. By Herman C. G. Brandt. (G. E. Stechert. f3.00.) A good dictionktry, modem enough to include words such as induction-valve and connecting rod. The all-embracing prefix Zug is well dealt with. A reference work tobe recommended.