23 JANUARY 1926, Page 3

Further, the new coinage is not likely to case trade

between the Free State and the Six Counties. Even though the token coinage may in itself be harmless— being legal tender only for small amounts—the political effects may be incalculable. Altogether, the Free State stands to lose more than it can gain by this new move, and for that reason we regret it. In 1724 there was nearly a revQlution in Ireland directed against " Wood's halfpence "—the bronze coinage which was imposed upon Ireland,. to Ireland's detriment, in the interests of the Duchess of Kendal. Swift wrote one of his most audacious pamphlets on the subject. It might be worth while for some of the Free State politiciaris to look up the history of Wood's halfpence, to reflect upon the great trouble that may be caused by small coins, and finally to remember that in the present case the responsibility is not with England but with themselves.

* * * *