23 JANUARY 1926, Page 30


- . _ FaIPIRD DEVELOPMENT. . . AT a moment when there is a good deal of vague talk as to the development of our Dominions and the affording of 'simultaneous relief to uneMPloyinent at honk along the lines of emigration, it is stimulating to note the very definite and btishiesslike statement on the matter made last, week by Mr. C. V. Sale, the Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company. Mr. Sale only became Governor last year, but he lost no time in paying a lengthy visit' to Canada -and it looks as though this fine old company was likely to play. some considerable part in the near future in aiding the development of Canada's resources. The Report of the company for,: last _year was an encouraging one in the sense of showing a great expansion in land sales, and the company is now manifestly engaged in a big fbrivaid movement under which the selling depots of the company are •to be greatly- extended. - Incidentally, in this connexion the company has_ madg a fresh issue of capital to its 'shareholders to the extent of 000,000 On terms con- stituting a distinct bonus, the price-being-13,10s. as compared with the market quotation of about £5. The company's- resources, however, it will be seen, are thereby, increased to

the extent of over 1£1;500;060. ' "