23 JULY 1836, Page 7

At York Assizes, on Thursday week, during the examination of

a witness on a criminal prosecution, a large cat in a very infuriated state, rushed from the body of the court upon the counsel-table ; it next jumped on the bench ; and, after attempting to pay a visit to the Jury, it made a rapid descent on the head of one of the learned coun- sel, inflicting a scratch upon his forehead with its claws. This out- rage was the signal fur a general movement among the profession. The feline intruder, regardless of all dignity and decorum, dashed anew among the briefs upon the table ; from thence it made its way into the crier's box, and almost instantly quitted the court. It was some minutes before business was resumed ; the learned Judge and every one in court being convulsed with laughter.

At the Maidstone Assizes, on Wednesday, James Greenwood, the child who threw his playfellow into a well at Bexley, was indicted for murder. His counsel, Mr. Bodkin, objected, that the names of two of the Jury were misstated in the body of the inquisition, and that the mode of death was not stated with sufficient certainty. It was only said that the deceased had been thrown down the well, and had received divers mortal injuries; but this did not sufficiently connect the cause of death with the act of the prisoner. The Judge held both objections to be fatal; and ordered the prisoner to be immediately delivered to his father.