23 OCTOBER 1971, Page 22

Sir: I am preparing for publication an illustrated book concerned

with German military helmets and headdress, 1871-1918. It is a difficult task embracing as it does all branches of the services of the twenty-five various kingdoms, dukedoms and principalities, and so on, that formed the united Germany after 1870 until the end of the first world war. The work is based largely on my own collection of headdress, but there are many other examples that I am anxious to find. Perhaps some of your readers can conjure up a few forgotten souvenirs for me. I also need help in the reference field, whether in the form of books, illustrations, documents, War Office publications or personal photographs.

I would be happy to purchase items or to subscribe to a favourite charity.

Thomas N. G. Stubbs The Courtneys, Ruxley Ridge, Claygate, Esher, Surrey