24 APRIL 1886, Page 3

At the annual meeting of the Young Women's Christian Association,

held in Exeter Hall last Friday week, the 16th inst., and attended by members from all parts of the country, Lady Frances Balfour read a paper on the work of the Travellers' Aid Department, which has been organised under a committee including amongst its members representatives from the chief societies in London interested in the welfare of young women. Lady Frances Balfour pointed out that the aim of the Society is, by various methods, to care for and protect girls arriving in London and at other towns without friends to look after them, in search of employment, or in answer toadvertisements offering work. She pointed out, from cases in which the Society has already been able to afford its protection, how many and terrible are the dangers to which country girls, ignorant of the special evils that exist for them, from the moment they alight at the stations, are exposed; and how powerless many of them are to discover and foil the plans of those bent upon their ruin. The Hon. Lady Beauchamp followed up this paper by describing the unprotected and dangerous position of young women lauding at the different continental ports, and stated that the " Travellers' Aid " was now extending its organisation to help them also. Full information about the Society can be obtained from the Secretary, at the office, 161 Old Cavendish Street, London, W. It is undoubtedly an association of the highest value, for, like the best of our benovelent agencies, it is merely protective, and holds out no temptation to indolence or thriftlessness.