24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

P " declares," says the R rof es o r ecord, "

tHuxhat in callinheg Professor Huxpectley an Atheist there was no tinge of reproach, though much of profound.

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or ts own puhrpose,rd eve we need noted saypu is an dishonehst one. the other half of the common empire." On the control of foreign affairs there has never been any dispute, and the three We did—erroneously, we are happy tosay—speak of Professor Hux- points now insisted upon in the Diet seem to be, responsible ley as an atheist, and did also speak of him at the same time with Ministry, control of the finances, and the revival of the county profound respect, though not for his supposed.atheism, which, in organization. The last cannot matter to the Emperor, the second any man for whom •we feel profound respect, causes us sincere is better for him than the alternative of getting no money, par- and profound pain. So we might truly speak of the writer is the ticularly as M. Deak is liberal about the debt, and the first may be Record as a theist and a -very strong believer in Christianity, and met by a compromise making the Hungarian Minister of the In- if we did, should certainly associate such language with a feeling terior responsible, and not the rest of the Cabinet. In some mode the very opposite of profound respect, though Theism and Chris- or other it seems certain that a compromise will be achieved, and tianity express to our minds beliefs at the very core of life. And