24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

There will be a surplus, let us hope, this year,

but clearly it avail themselves of it. We should be will not not much increased by redactions. The military estimates are only 235,0001. less than last year, though 10,000 men are coming home from New Zealand, and the saving at the Admi- almost made up by increased outlay upon docks and navy yards ren- building, and France only 81 ; Great Britain 90,500 men and officers, and France 18,065, besides, we presume, her reserve. Bernal Osborne.

We appear really to have got a sufficient fleet " of the period" at Yesterday week, too late for our last issue, the Government last, but somehow or other expenditure 'never ends, or will end, were obliged to withdraw the cattle rate altogether, and throw till Mr. Gladstone is First Lord of the Admiralty as well as Chan- the whole cost of the indemnity for slaughtered beasts on the