24 JANUARY 1891, Page 26

The Entr'acte Annual for 1891 is notable chiefly for Mr.

Alfred Bryan's most expressive portrait-illustrations—at once grotesque and realistic—which in themselves tell the theatrical story of 1890. The letterpress, contributed by Mr. john Hollingshead and others,

is decidedly above the average of the writing to be found in annuals of this class.

Messrs. Marcus Ward and Co. send us specimens of their Pocket-Books, Diaries, and Calendars for 1891. Those are very neat,. and the diaries are more than usually roomy, as they give to a single quarter the same space which the diaries usually give to is whole year, the diary for the other three quarters being separately furnished. They will be found especially convenient for persons with many engagements. The calendar with a special poetical quotation for each day in the year, will not, wo suppose, be ordinarily used in the City.