24 JUNE 1966, Page 35


Entries in this index are arranged in alphabetical letter-by-letter order, i.e. no attention is paid to spaces between words. Thus the entry'Jn ColdBlood'will be found after 'incident at Vichy' and before Ncolmws POLICY'. Abbreviations are indexed as written (i.e. 'Mr', as in 'Mr Humphrey in Vietnam, follows all 'Mo.- entries and comes before all entries) with two exceptions: 'St' is indexed as if spelt out in full as 'Saint', and the various forms of'Mac' are all indexed as if in fact spelt 'Mac'. Words in italics are titles-either of articles in the Spectator or of books, magazines and newspapers or of plays, films, operas, etc., reviewed or mentioned. All leading articles and 'middle' articles are indexed by title, as are all books (under author and title), plays, films, operas, etc., which are either specifically reviewed or given extended notice. In addition, every article is indexed under the subjects it deals with, usually with a brief indication of its main contents. In order to save space and to group together references on similar subjects, a number of general headings are employed, e.g. ART, CHURCH AND CHRISTIANITY, ECONOMIC, EDUCATION AND SCHOOLS. HOME AND HOUSEHOLD, LABOUR PARTY AND GOVERNMENT, LEGAL, LONDON, MOTORING AND MOTOR-CARS, SHOPS AND SHOPPING, TELEVISION, together with the names of individual countries and organisations. Names and references which there is no room to index separately can usually be traced from entries under the appro- priate general headings.