24 MARCH 1866, Page 3

J. W. Leigh, twenty-seven years of age, a "remarkably keen,

determined-looking man, with an expressive cast of countenance," was sentenced, to death on Thursday at Lewes. He had killed his sister-in-law, Harriet Horton, for calling him a pirate—a charge apparently correct—and shutting the door in his face. The de- , fence set up was insanity, and it was shown that he had been an -odd violent man all his life, who drank spirits to enormous excess, but seemed incapable of becoming drunk. He was usually called Mad Leigh by his associates, but the evidence gives one the im- pression not of a madman, bat of an undeveloped Clive ruined by brandy. The jury found him guilty, and when asked why sen-

tence should not be passed, Leigh replied, "I have nothing to say, my lord. I cannot justify myself. I was responsible for my acts." He was sentenced to death without hope of mercy, the murder having been committed the day after the provocation.