24 MARCH 1866, Page 3

Sir, James Wilde has decided that a Mormon, miteriage is

no marriage in an English.. Divorce Court. That Court proceeds tile theory of Christian marriage, and cannot recognize &contract which involves the right of polygamy. If it recognized the claim of the &nit wife, she would be able to.aue against her linaba,nd,for adultery when he was only obeying, the law of the land he lived. in. Moreover, it might happen that out of forty, wives, may the fortieth would be the legal wife, the first being deed, and the thirty-eight others married while she was still lisiag. Comer. quently anybody may go to Utah, marry as many wives as lie-likes, and-then, returning to England, marry again, without fear for the legitimacy of- his children—ra, decision satisfactory no doubt to returning Mormons, but scarcely as Christian as Sir Wikle BeeMS to think.