24 MAY 1913, Page 15


[TO THE EDITOR 07 THE "SPECTATOR."] Sin,—Is there any precedent in history of a nation, not conquered in war, cutting adrift a single parish (to say nothing of four counties) against its will ? Savoy P Well, first look at the price "Sardinia" got for the cession—the making of a great kingdom. Next, there was assent by the ceded province—formal and technical if you will, but will any amount of management secure the faintest semblance of assent from the four counties ? The parallel fails utterly. Have Ministers in their minds the faintest idea bow this monstrous iniquity in legislation is to be enforced ? Sup- posing, in spite of all Lloyd-Georgian cock-a-doodle speeches, the country follows Newmarket, who is going to attempt even the coercion of the four counties P As staunch and convinced a Free Trader as the Spectator, I heartily go with its policy that if Free Trade or the four counties are to go by the board, it must be the former and not the latter.—I am, Sir, &c.,

[Of course. Absolutely convinced Free Exchangers as we are we would sacrifice a wilderness of Free Imports to prevent the four counties from being driven out of the Union.—ED. Spectator.]