26 NOVEMBER 1887, Page 26


Albert. the Prince Consort, by G. H. Pike, or taro (Hodder & Stoughton) 26 Ames (F. S. D.), Wishes on Wings, or See (Burns & Oates) 3/6 Armstrong (G.), Names and Places in the Old Testament, Svo (Bentley) 5/0 Armstrong (W.). Celebrated Pictures at Manchester Exhibition, fol. (Virtue) 52/6 Baddeloy (St. C.), Lotus Leaves, folio (TrUbner) 8/6 Bain (J. A. R.), People of the Pilgrimage, or tiro (Hodder A Stoughton) 6/0

Barnes (W.), Life of. by L. Baxter, ar 8vo (Macmillan) 7/6 Byrne (J.), Origin of the Greek, Latin, and Goats Roots,8vo (Trabner) 180

Charmer', Canterbury Tales, 12mo (O. K. Paul) 6/0

Cheshire F. R.). Bees end Beekeeping, Vol. II., cr 8vo (U. Gill) 8/6

Clayden (P. WO, Early Life of Samuel Rogers, cr 8vo .........(3mith & Elder) 12/6 Colheck (A.), Summer Croise in the Waters of Greece, 8vo (Unwin) 10/8 Conway (11. 8.), Verner's Law in Italy, See (Trlibner) 5/3

Cox (8. 8.), Isles of the Princes, cr 8vo (Putnam') 7/8 Crake (A. D.), Bilan Fits-Count, 12mo (Rivingtons) 1;6

Crawford (F. M.). Paul Patoff, 3 vols. or 8/o (Macmillan) 31/6 Cortois (M. A.), Tracked : a Story, 2 vols. or 8vo (Reminnton) 15/0

Dante's Commedia, Vol. IL, by E. H. Plomptre, Ove (IsMster) 21/0 Darwin (0 I Lite and Letters of. by hi. Son, 3 vols. 8vo J.- almvsl) 36/0

Ehrard (J. 11. A.), Apologetics, Christiao, Vol. III., 8vo (T. & T. Clerk 10,6 Ellis (A. B.), South African Sketches, Cr 8vo (Chapman & Hall 610

Fools Prometheus Vinctus, by M. S. Glarebrooke, 12mo (flameout 3/6 Faris (S.), Decline of British Prestige in the F.ast, or 8ro ....- ......... (Unwin 5.0

Farrar (F. W.). Every-Day Christian Life, cr Eva (thbister) 5/0 Ferguson (J.), Ceylon in the Jnbilee Year, or 8ro (Haddon) 7/6 Field (M.). Canute the Great, cr 8vo (Baker) 7/6 Fouque's Undine : a Romance. illostrated, 4to (Chapman & Hall) WO Gibson (W. 11.5, Happy Hunting-Grounds, 4to 03. Low) Mfg Hannay (D.), Glimpses of the Land of Scott, 4to (V(rtue) 10/6 Harrison (W. J.), Earth-Knowledge, 12mo (Blackie) 1/6

Moslem (W)), Gleanings from the Harvest, or 8vo (Morgan & Scott) 2/6

Hoene( W.), Outlines of Science of Jurisprudenoe. or 8ve (T. & T. Clark) 6)0

Holland (H. S.), Christ or Emlesiastos P cr 8vo (R(v(ngtons) 3/6 Hope (Lady), Yet There is Boom, or 8vo Nelson) 2/6

I orant Esse s 12mo (Ward & Downey)) 5/0

Johannes Bra ms : a Biographical Sketch, 12mo U • ) 6'0

Keil (C. F(), Matted of Biblical Archreology, Vol. I., 8vo (T. & T. Clerk) 10/6 Kinglake (A. W.), Invasion of Crimea. Vols. VIL and VILL,8vo(Blackwood) 2810

Lawless (E.), Ireland. the Story of, cr 8vo (Unwin) 5/0

Letters to our Working Party, 12mo (W. W. Gardner) 1/6 Levi (L), International Low, or 8ro (C. K. Paul) 5/0 Lint (F.), Recollections of a Compatriot, or 8vo (Ward & Downey) 6/0 Levet (Lady) Clare Vaughan, 12mo (Burns & Oates) 2/6

5fackay (W. P.), Notes on the Books of the Bible.or 8ro (Hodder & Stoughton 116 Mackey (II. 13.), Now Illustrations for Pulpit, or 8vo...(Hodder & Stoughton 5/0 Mackintosh (J.), History of Civilisation in Soutland, Vol. 1V., 8vo ...(Brown 15/0

Macleod (A. C.. Love Fulfilling the Law, or 8ro (Bernet 6/0

Mason (A. J.ti with of the Gospel, Cr 8vo (Rivingtons 7/6 Meyer tT. B.. Elijah, or 8th (Morgan A Scott) W6

Mitchell (11. .), Short Church History. lamo ()fasters) 1/6 Morley (S.), Li'e of, by E. Hodder, 8,0 (Hodder & Stoughton) 14/0 Neve (J.), Concordance to Cowper, roy 8vo 8. Low) 21/0 Newman (F. W.), Essays. Tracts, &c., 8vo (O. K. Pad) 12/0

Oakeley (1. M.), Clifton Colege Register, or 8vo (Rivingtons) 5/0

Old English Ballads, illustrated, 8vo (Nelson) 5/0 Pollock (F.), Peraonal Reminiscence. of, 2 vols. cr 8vo (Macmillan) 16/0 Propert (J. L.), Hi-tory of Miniature Art, folio (Macmillan) 73/6 Readings with the Saints, 12mo (Burns & Oates) 3/0 Scott (W.), Poetical Works, edited by W. J. Rolfe, roy 8vo (Trabner) 42/5 Seth (A.). Hegelianism, 12m (Blackwood) 5.0

thipton (A.). The Lord was There, 12mo (Morgan & Scott) 1/6

Smiles (S.), Life and Labour, or Oro (J. Murray) 6/0 Smith (G. B.), William I. and the German Empire, 8ro (S. Low) 14/0

Spiers (E. P.), Architectural Drawing, 4m (Cassell A CO 1ES Stanley (J.I. A New Face at the Door, 2 vole. cr 8vo (Horst & Blackett) 21/0

Stanton (It , A Menology of England, 8vo Burns A Oates) 14(0 Stevenson ( .), Memories and Portrait.. limo (Chaco A Windom 6/0 Taylor (W.), Lessons on the Gomel of St. Luke...(Churoh of England 8.8.L) 310

Warner IF.), The Children, Now to Study Thom, 12mo (Hodgson) 1/6

White (T. C.), Microscopic Manipulation, 12mo (Roper) 2/6

Wilkins (W.), Anetralasla ; Descriptive, Sc , or 5.0 Rihelciel 216