28 APRIL 1894, Page 39

Jerusalem Illustrated. By G. Robinson Lees. (Howson and Co., Newcastle.)—Bishop

Blyth commends to the favourable notice of the public this book. The illustrations, which number more than twenty of full-page size, and between fifty and sixty in the text, are reproduced from photographs. The letterpress is evidently the work of one who is familiar with the subject. The account of the Jews, in particular, is more minute than any that we have hitherto seen. Mr. Lees does not think highly of them, and he uses, we see, rather strong language about the native Christians. His view of their condition, moral and theological, will hardly please those who hold strict views as to the schismatic character of our Anglican position. In theory, we ought not to interfere with the adherents of the Eastern Churches ; in practice, these ad- herents are likely to be not a little benefited by such interference. This is Mr. Lees' view of the matter.