28 DECEMBER 1945, Page 14


Sta,—Bathrooms were installed in middle-class houses earlier than Mr. Shelford thinks. There was a great deal of building going on in South Kensington in the 187o's, and the new houses almost invariably had bath- rooms. Relations of mine took a house in Knaresborough Place off the Crothwell Road in the winter of 1875-6, which had a bathroom ; and in 1879 my mother settled in Lexham Gardens nearby. In that road all the houses had bathrooms, and we were not the first tenants to live there. It was the same in the country ; my husband's parents had a Country house built for themselves early in that decade. A bathroom formed part Of the architect's plan and duly materialised. The family were living in the house by 1875. I married in 1891, and when looking for my future home in the country town where we were to live, houses with bathrooms were certainly the rule, and where there was not one, the landlord offered to put one in. This was the case even with small houses of