28 DECEMBER 1945, Page 9

MANY people in Belgium, Denmark. Finland, France, Holland, Norway and

Sweden are anxious to know more about what is happening in world affairs and particularly the British view on the subject. Unfortunately the blocking of currency ;n most of the countries prevents them getting a British publica- tion which would provide a balanced survey of current events week by week. We therefore suggest to our readers who have friends in these countries tl.at they might care to take out a subscription to The Spectator for them as a Christmas gift. All you have to do is to forward the name and address of your friend, accompanied by a remittance of £1 tos. od to cover a subscription for twelve months, or 15s. for six months We will send a greetings card rating that the subscription is a gift from you and forward the paper weekly for the period ordered Send your instructions to The Spectator. 99. Gower Street. London, W.C. 1.