28 MARCH 1998, Page 22

Freedom of speech

Sir: Much as I admire Jonathan Mirsky, I must challenge several things that he reported in his piece, 'China, the Times, and me' (21 March). Jonathan continues to assert that he didn't realise that our semi- nar at the Freedom Forum where he made his now notorious remarks about the Times and Rupert Murdoch, was on the record. In a picture that appears on the cover of a booklet in which we published those remarks, one can clearly see a camera crew. The crew and reporter were there covering for a Hong Kong television station. He also could not have missed the presence of microphones that were used to record the event.

Those interested in the Times's editor Peter Stothard's latest rebuttal, access our web page (www.freedomforum.org).

John Owen

European Director, The Freedom Forum, Stanhope House, Stanhope Place, London W2