28 SEPTEMBER 1974, Page 4


From Miss Denise Robins Sir: I would be obliged if you would hand on the following' message to Kenneth Robinson:

"I have just read your attempt to destroy my new novel Dark Corridor,. and I laughed, and I laughed and 1 laughed — all the way to the Bank!"

Denise Robins

15 Oathall Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex

Sir: There is a certain perverse amusement to be derived from your Mr Will waspe (more properly named Won't Wash) for 1 can think of no journalistic feature which commits errors with such unflagging consistency and is written in a style so pathetic it makes William Hickey sound like Dr Johnson. Mr Waspe, who is so hopelessly off-target (The Spectator, September 14), the only sting he has to exhibit is the one in his own tail, suggests that I am pulling a fast one on the Yugoslays pretending to direct The Shrew for the Belgrade Theatre Festival when in fact, Nicholas Simmonds is doing the work — quite oblivious of the fact that the Yugoslav publicity openly acknowledges the co-direction between Mr Sirnmonds and myself. He is just as misguided in regard to Sherlock's Last Case, writing that the play ended its run prematurely after four weeks when, in fact, it played six weeks as a result of being extended by two; and, far from being "grievous," has been sold to a top-flight American producer for production in New York next autumn. I suppose The Spectator chock bl: thanked for fostering a which is atrociously written.

II of misinformation and purveying a brand of puerility rivalled only by the early numbers of What's On.

should l column u

There is a certain frisson in deliberately-projected bad taste. It makes us appreciate so much more the better things of life. Charles Marowitz Open Space Theatre, London WI