29 JANUARY 1910, Page 14

[To ma Enrros or Tao "Brzerarom21

Sra,—I am a Unionist Free-trader who at the last General Election voted with the Liberals, but I have this time fol- lowed your advice and voted with the Conservatives in three cases where a Liberal has lost his seat and in three other cases where a Conservative has retained his seat. As I must be one of many who have acted thus, both parties would be wrong in thinking that we are to be utterly despised. What- ever else may be the result of the elections, it is clear that the Government will not be allowed to deal with the House of Lords in such a manner as to enable them to set up Home- rule within the limits of a single Parliament If they are wise, they will endeavour to agree with the Opposition on Budgets for 1909 and 1910 and on a reform of the House of Lords. Many of us are old enough to have seen a reform of the House of Commons passed by agreement, and it would be grand to see both Houses so reformed at once by combining an improvement of the Lords with a redistribution scheme which included an automatic revision after every Census. Even Mr. Lloyd George should be wise enough to whisper to his fervid compatriots the Welsh equivalent for "compromise."