29 JANUARY 1910, Page 2

An impudent attempt has been made during the week in

the Liberal Press to suggest that the Unionist Party are inclined to make an unholy alliance with the Irish, and secure their votes for Tariff Reform by granting them Home-rule. This monstrous suggestion is based upon the fact that the Daily Mail, very unwisely as we think, gave pro- minence on Thursday to a letter signed "Irishman," which suggested that what Ireland wants is "a National Assembly to make laws for Ireland as Canada makes laws for Canada," with a Ministry dependent on the Dublin Parliament but independent of the Ministry in London. Why, he argues, should not the Tory Party grant these things P "They may lose Belfast and Liverpool, but they will gain Ireland." To support the suggestion an article apparently in favour of Separation, written by Mr. Iwan-Muller in the current Fortnightly, is also quoted. On these absurdly flimsy foundations a charge of willingness to abandon their essential political principles is actually made against the Unionists.