29 JANUARY 1910, Page 24

Fugitives from Fortune. By Ethel Turner. (Ward, Lock, and Co.

6s.)—It would be rash to say of any plot that it is now, but Miss Turner gives us here one that is certainly not hackneyed. An American millionaire leaves his dollars behind him in New York, and seeks to lead a simple, an even extravagantly simple, life in Australia. He adds, of course, other fads, vegetarian and so forth, and here we have a very humorous account of what happens. The man himself finds it easy, at least for a time ; his wife is dutiful, though she does not like it ; but the children make the difficulty. There are pretty daughters who like pretty things, partly from recollections of what they once bad, partly from promptings of feminine nature. And there is a boy who has notions of his own. We must not follow the tale any longer. It is a good situation, developed with a skill of which Miss Turner has before given us specimens in her excellent gift-book stories.