30 APRIL 1954, Page 10


The Teahouse of the August Moon. By Jena Patrick. (Her Majesty's.)—Waiting for Gillian. By Ronald Millar. (St. James's.) ?Morist, he is naturally faced with a prob- „leM. Should he tell all or should he shield MO little woman? In spite of subsequent revelations to the effect that she has been the Bon. Bill's mistress for some time and that it is all his fault anyway, Manning aemdes to take the second course, but is considerably baffled when his wife insists that she wants to do THE DECENT &RING and give herself up. Women!, you can see him thinking. All this goes over very nicely with Googie Withers and John McCallum plugging the tension for all they're worth. Frank Lawton gives a grue- rile moustached truth to the Hon. Bill. l.ust the thing for a family party.