30 JANUARY 1926, Page 30

MINIMS. By Kapp. (Faber and Gwyer. 2s. 6d. net.)

THESE "scribbles," SS the artist calls them, are "attempts to catch moods, emotions:sensations, with one or two strokes of the pen " : and it would be extremely easy, at a first glance, to deride such attempts as a joke. But regarded a second and , a third time, these little scribbles—for drawings in the majority . of cases they are not—do emphatically strike some chord of • memory which the beholder associates with the idea suggested. _ Thus "Toothache" is a pattern which does jog the memory of torture. Thin waving- lines flowing diagonally across the page, and passing a thicker vertical line, do produce a soothing sensation of peace and brightness, so that "Blessed Summer Evening with Leisure" is no vain title for them. " Faith " is represented as a sort of pillar strongly buttressed, whilst the design which suggests the arched opening from a long dark tunnel, called "I wonder," recalls to the mind the feeling of expectation that one Must always have when emerging

• from darkness into light. Each of these minims is quite - obviously the result of solid and original thought, and not of caprice ; and having once looked at them there is in the . sometimes puzzled beholder the desire to look at them again. ' An original and entertaining book.