31 JANUARY 1925, Page 1

The German Note in answer to the Collective Note of

the Allies about the evacuation of the Northern Zone was published in the papers of Wednesday. The German Government points out that the Allied Governments con- . tinue to keep the German Government and people in ignorance of the facts by which they presumably justify " the decision actually adopted by them several weeks before." Germany is accused of non-fulfilment of the Treaty without being given the opportunity of defending herself. The fact of Germany's complete disarmament is too notorious, the Note says, for it to be-possible for the Allies really to justify their failure to keep to the date of evacuation laid down in the Treaty. No doubt the German Government, as usual,.goes too far, for Germany is not fully disarmed, and her failure is testified to by Allied Officers, whose honesty is beyond reproach, and who, as a matter of fact, desire to leave the country as soon as possible. * * * *