3 NOVEMBER 1967, Page 2

Portrait of the week

'Legislation will be introduced to. reduce the powers of the Houk of Lords and to eliminate its present hereditary basis,' taid the Ottien's. Speech. The speech also referred to the Industrial Expansion Bill and new gaming laws. The Prince of Wales and Princess Anne were in attendance, but the ;Queen Mary! set sail for the New World for the lasitime. The Government awaited the by- election( at Gorton, Hamilton and Leicester with trepidation. A Getman correspondent reported that Lord Chalfont had preceded his Lausanne gaffe. with sirn' ila, r -statements in Brussels; the Prime Minister fold the Commons that Lord Chalfont's resignation itad been refused. On the subject of Rhodesia; he cast doubts on the forthcoming-talks with Mr Ian Smith, and in Nairobi Mr George Thomson said that Britain had no intention of ,'fixing a sellout' Mr Brovn publicly rebuked his dinner host, Lord Thomson of Fleet, and the press' general, and Lord Thomson replied: 'We don't always take George very seriously.'

The Russians achieved another first with an automatic link-up of two unmanned_ spacecraft, and in East Berlin there was a parade of arms to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution; allied commanders once again objected that the city had demilitarised status.-Vice-president Humphrey of the us came under mortar fire in Saigon—be was celebrating General Thieu's in- auguration as president of South Vietnarn. Mr Eshkol, Israel's Prime Minister, oPened the autumn session of the Knesset in Jerusalem: he insisted on direct negotiations with the Arabs, and ap- pealed to France to lift her arms embargo. King Wssein was not so particular, and said at Heath- row that he would accept arms from anyone— including' Russia. Two Britons were awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry.

A police constable who was shot and disabled while arresting a gunman in 1965 was discharged from the service and awarded a pension of £12 a month. Mr Ameido Sans Sating, who had been forced to stay at sea for six years because he -didn't have any papers, has been offered a home in Libya.