4 AUGUST 1860, Page 20

Et tratrrs.

Although the old fashiorf of closing theatres at a fixed period is gra- dually becoming obsolete, and nearly every house in London is o;,-en at the present time, the effect of the season may be observed in the dimin- ished productiveness of the several establishments. Novelties of import- ance are scarcely to be expected for the next few weeks.

At the Strand, ' ere is a short piece by Mr. Horace Wigan, entitled Observation and lfliriation. Although a mere trifle, of what is called the " drawing-room ' species, it is more serious in its purpose than such trifles generally are, placing in a ridiculous position, a fine gentleman, who covets*is neighbour's wife, and contrasting him disadvantageously with a man of less brilliant appearance, but of more solid worth. Miss Louisa Keeley, appeared with great success at the Olympic on Monday last, as the rustic coquette in Somebody Else.