4 AUGUST 1860, Page 7


The following detail, showing the total estimated cost of the several new works proposed to be executed, the sum proposed to be taken for each station for the period between the 1st of August, 1860, and the 1st of August, 1861, and also the extra sum, not provided for in Annual Esti- mates, required for the same period for works already sanctioned by Par- liament, was published on Saturday—

District. Proposed New Work.


1,200,000 120,000 150,000 Total 4,960,000 Say 1,650,000 For works already sanctioned by ParliamentIT 350,000 Grand total required, irrespective of sum provided} in Estimates, 1850-31 • Omitting "Spit" and " intermediate " works. + To include purchase of land. 1. It is proposed to omit the three "minor works" proposed by the Commissioners on Portsdown, and it is only proposed to construct one work on the Gosport Ad- vance Line.

It is only proposed to execute four works on the north-east side of Plymouth_ viz., those at Catdown, at Lipsom, at Mount View, and Si. Budeaux. II It is proposed to place works immediately in front of Mile Town, Sheerness, in- stead of the advanced works proposed by the Commissioners.

47 Viz.—Portsmouth £150,000

Plymouth 76,000 Pembroke 55,000 Portland 30,000 Dover 40,000 £350,000

War Office, July 26.• SIDNEY HERBERT.

Portsmouth ....

Plymouth ......

Pembroke Thames Medway and Sheerness ..

Chatham Dover Cork Central Arsenal Spithead• Needles Isle of Wight Portsdownt Gosport " Advance " Sea defences Staddon Height.

Maker Heights

North-east defences/

Bays to southward ... Work at Scoveston...

Four batteries (Sea defences and } works in front of Mile Townil Eastern defences

( Work in front of I Castle, and other t improvements Defences proposed 1 by Commissionets For purchase of a site.

Proposed to be taken Total Estimated Cost, for Period between including Purchase sat of August, 1860, of Land. and 1st of August, 1861.

840,000 650,000 150,000 130,000 150,000 -- 1,920,000 375,000 200,000 25,000 600,000 100,000 1 120,000) 220,000 180,000 330,000 650,000 170,000 580,000+ 450,000+ 60,000t 60,000+ 100,000+ 175,000+ 50,000+ 30,000+ 150,000+ 1,635,000 2,0 00,000