4 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 2

* * * The Centre Party in the German Coalition,

in spite of all the talk of a split, has put on a mask of unanimity. At a meeting of the Party on Monday the real question was whether it should continue to co-operate with the Nationalists. A majority of the Party has for some time desired to include the word " Republican " in the title of the Party. Herr Marx, the Chancellor, who is the leader of the Party, has deprecated this obviously because he wants to keep the Coalition going and therefore to do nothing that would exasperate the Nationalists. It may be remarked that the word " Republican " could have no special significance since the Central Party, being a Constitutional Party, is necessarily Republican. But, of course, Herr Marx has to consider the foie shades of suggestion in a very delicate situation.- It was thought that on Monday he might try to ban the word " Republican," but he did not do so. The Party adopted a programme of social reform inspired by. the Christian trade-unionist left wing. That programme is enough in itself- to widen • the gap between .the .Party and. the- Nationalists. Altogether; there seems to be less prospeet- than ever of continued co-operation between the Centre and the Nationalists after the elections. . „