4 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 2

The result of the Faversham by-election, which was , declared

on Thursday, January 26th, was as follows

Mr. A. Maitland (Unionist) .

12,00 , Major D.*L. Amaki (Lab.) . •

Mr: J. F.' Dunn (Lib.) .. • •


5;813 Mr. E. A. Hailwood (Ind. U.) .. • •

. - Unionist Majority over Labour .. I,084

The Government thus retained the seat with not more than such a reduction in the majority as was to be' expected. On this occasion the peripatetic Mr. HailWeiiii did not queer the Unionist pitch; but as usual lie lest his': deposit The Unionists had by no means been confident of keeping the seat, and the Government have very Odd' cause—particularly at this period of their life—to be- satisfied. Labour did well to increase its poll by more than 2,000, but was nevertheless disappointed. The real shattering of hope, however; was experienced' by the Liberals. We have all heard much of the Liberal "revival," but the Faversham election, following upon other disillusionments, suggests that the Liberals instead of advancing are losing ground. There must be some reason for this, and for our part we feel that it has not been due to any lack of ability in their candidates.