4 FEBRUARY 1928, Page 32


Some two years ago, however, and following upon a visit to Canada by the Governor of the company, the formation was announced of a concern to be known as Hudson's Bay Company Overseas Settlement Limited, its object being to encourage emigration on sound lines. The enterprise had the warm approval of the British and Canadian authorities and the support and assistance of the great railway systems of Canada, the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National, while the Cunard- Steam Ship Company also co-operated. A good deal of quiet work has been done by this organization, and last week the interesting announcement was made that Sir George McLaren Brown, European General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway, had joined the Board of the Overseas Settlement Company, so that there are now three powerful influences in -that company brought into close association, namely, -the Hudson's Bay Company, the Cunard Steam Ship Company, and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Not the least interesting event of the past week has been the opening of the new Sale Room of the company in the City, when there was a record attendance at the first sales.