4 JUNE 1853, Page 19


On the 26th May, at Clewer Lodge, near Windsor, the Hon. Mrs. Charles Gran- tham Scott, of a son.

On the 27th, at Bycroft, Herefordshire, the Lady of Henry Oakley, Esq., R.N., of a son and heir.

On the 27th, in George Street, Edinburgh, Lady Scott Douglas, of a son. On the 27th, Lady Sebright, of a son. On the 28th, at Southfleet Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. George Murray, of a son. On the 28th, in Westbourne Street, Hyde Park Gardens, the Wife of Lieutenant- Colonel Everest, of a son.

On the 28th, at Badger Rectory, Salop, the Wife of the Rev. T. F. Boddington, of a son.

On the 29th, in Hamilton Terrace, the Lady Blanche Dupplin, of a son.

On the 29th, at Stoke College, Suffolk, the Wife of J. H. E. Elwes, Esq., of a son and heir.

On the 30th, at Carshalton, the Wife of the Rev. 'W. A. B. Cator, of a son. On the 30th, in Park Street, Grosvenor Square, the Lady Olivia Ossulston, of a son.

On the let June, in Cavendish Square, the Wife of Colonel Thomas Wood, of a son.


On the 26th May, at Wilsford, the Rev. William Bree, M.A., only son of the Rev. W. T. Bree, MA., of Allesley, Warwickshire, to Mary, third daughter of the late Rev. Edward Duke, of Lake House, Wiltshire.

On the lot June, at Mortlake, George Chandler Ravenshaw, Esq., second son of John Hurdis Ravenshaw, Esq., of Suffield House, Richmond, to Eliza, second daughter of Sir Henry Willock, K.L.S., of Castelnau House, Mortlake, Surrey.

On the 1st, the Hon. F. Leveson, MY., to Lady Margaret Compton, sister of the Marquis of Northampton.

On the 1st, at Petersham Church, Richmond, by the Rev. Edward Cradock, the Rev. Willis,,, Parsons Warburton, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, to the Hon. Isabel Mary Lister.

On the 2d, at St. James's, Westminster, the Hon and Rev. Latimer Neville, Rec- tor of Heydon and Little Chishill, to Lucy Frances Le Merchant, eldest daughter of Le Merchant Thomas, Esq., of Billingbear. Berks, and Sea View, Isle of Wight. On the 2d, at Bromyard, by the Rev. Canon Huntingford, B.C.L., William ugh Cahusac, Esq., Eleventh Regiment Bombay Army, to Janette, youngest daughter of the Rev. William Cooke, Vicar of Bromyard.


On the 15th April, at Galle, Ceylon, Robert Henry Ryan, Esq., of the Bombay Civil Service, fourth son of the Right Hon. Sir Edward Ryan, of Garden Legge, Ken- sington. On the 2d May, at Dominica, Mrs. Blackall, Wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of that island.

On the 26th, in Eaton Place, St. John's Wood, Captain W. D. Puget. R.N.; in his 524 year. On the 27th, at Eastbourne, Vice-Admiral Sir Francis Mason, K.C.B., of Wheler Lodge, Leicestershire; in his 74th year. On the 28th, at Totteridge, Herts, Charlotte Mary, youngest daughter and last surviving child of the late General the Hon. Sir Alexander Maitlaud, Bart.; in her 86th year. On the 28th, Joseph Hornby, Esq., of Druid's Cross, near Liverpool; in his 59th year. On the 30th, at Brixton Rise, Mrs. Mary Harvey; in her 91st year. On the 31st, the Rev. Townshend Selwyn, Canon of Gloucester, and Rector of Kilmington, Somerset ; in his 71st year. On the let June, at Bath, Sir Charles Abraham Elton, Bart., of Clevedon Court, Somerset; in his 75th year. On the 2d, in Great Cumberland Place, General Lord Deere; in his 76th year.

On the 2d, at Tortworth Court, Gloucestershire, kleury George Francis Earl of Ducie.