4 SEPTEMBER 1852, Page 9

The express-train of the North-western Railway, on Thursday evening, on

the way to Manchester, reached Crewe in safety. But as it was going at the speed of about forty miles an hour, the driver became aware of some obstruction, and slackened speed, finally stopping altogether. It was just in time. A buffer _attached to an iron rod, probably dropped from some preceding train, had _got entangled in the fore-wheels, and had broken the guards and driven the wheels off the rail. The train was detained two hours, and another engine had to be brought up from Crewe.

Some time ago, a ship called the Nelson was plundered by a body of armed men in Hobson's Bay, off Melbourne. Three of those men have been arrested, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to transportation for life. They proved to be notorious London thieves, cracksmen, and swell mobsmen, who had been transported to the colony, and who had been let loose on the ticket- of-leave system.