5 JUNE 1971, Page 25

Sir: I admit I am a layman in poli- I

ics. but all the same I am shocked by the attitude you have adopted towards the entry of Britain into the Common Market.

I have been attached to the REP in 1939. Although I went back to France after Dunkirk I have never doubted the democracies would win the war.

In 1942 I was a civil servant in Vichy, my office in a ministerial cabinet was more a lounge than an office. I used to see all sorts of people. I remember very well

have written my war memoirs) that I was in the habit to say to my visitors: After the war Eng- land and France shall be on the winning side but ruined and with- out colonies. They must unite, for they are the only large countries in Europe with a real democratic experience ...

When war had come to an end England left Europe for the States. She cannot be blamerj because she needed more help than any other country in Europe having suffered the brunt of the battle. But Europe is a must, and there will be no real Europe without Britain. Europe will be then the Third power in the World (or one of the Four with Mao's China). Then Europe can be a force of Peace ... Amen.

Great Britain must join Europe and I trust she is not going to play second fiddle. My vows do not go to the CEE as it is but as a step to a really united Europe.