5 JUNE 1971, Page 25

Sir: If Mr Edward Taylor, me. leaves the Government and

the Tory party, then good riddance. Anyone who cannot make ends meet on a salary of £6,000 is clearly being blackmailed in much the same way as professors, who get £4,000 a year, yet are frequently seen wearing frayed suits and shoes badly in need of repair. Following the wedding ceremony, I was amazed to read that a crowd of Glasgow City progressive and Tory councillors, including Mr James Anderson the former Police Convener, removed Mr Edward Taylor's trousers and frog-marched him out of Central Station, where prostitutes are in the habit of soliciting passengers coming off trains, and along Gordon Street. Since no one thought this strange, I presume it is common for Tory MPs and councillors to roam Glas- gow without trousers. -

In connection with the passage of the Anti-Smoking Bill through Parliament, 1 am surprised that not one MP has mentioned the Iceland statistics (Hansard, 1961 or 1962) and the South African statistics. In Iceland, lung cancer only started with the introduction of diesel engines, whilst in South Africa tobacco consumption in the form of cigarettes is as high as it is in this country (per head of the pop- ulation) but lung cancer is negli- gible. The few cases of lung cancer in South Africa occur in the as- bestos industry through inhalation of asbestos dust.

It seems to me that what is causing the trouble in both this country and America is not tobacco but what passes for tobacco in ready-made cigarettes. Ready-made cigarettes never used to smell as foul as they do now.

A. J. H. Brown 46 Merryton Avenue, Gitinock, Glasgow