5 MAY 1894, Page 3

Mr. Gladstone made a very interesting speech on Thursday in

proposing a resolution to erect a fitting memorial to Sir Andrew Clark. He accepted the Duke of Cambridge's in- vitation not to rise from his seat, as he has been for some weeks indisposed. He gave the strongest possible testimony • to Sir Andrew Clark's disinterested devotion to the healing of the sufferings of his fellow-men, which he carried beyond the devotion of even the greater number of his most zealous colleagues. Mr. Gladstone told a story of Sir Andrew Clark's having been condoled with on the approach of the end of his long vacation, and of his having replied: "Sir, I love my pro- fession." In other words, he liked his work better than his play. That is not a common feeling, but it is one very characteristic of Sir Andrew Clark. The memorial is to take the form of a new block of buildings, to be called after his name, which is to be added to the London Hospital.