5 OCTOBER 1991, Page 31

A selection of recent paperbacks

Fiction: Brief Lives by Anita Brookner, Penguin, £5.99 The Gate of Angels by Penelope Fitzgerald, Flamingo, £4.99 The Inn at the Edge of the World by Alice Thomas Ellis, Penguin, £4.99 A Pale View of the Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro, Faber, £5.99 Lantern Slides by Edna O'Brien, Penguin, £4.99 Symposium by Muriel Spark, Penguin, £4.99 Look At It This Way by Justin Cartwright, Picador, £5.99 Dear Shadows by Max Egremont, Sceptre, £5.99 Carol by Patricia Highsmith, Penguin, £5.99 Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, Granta, £4.99 Wonderful Fool by Shusaku Endo, Pen- guin, £5.99 Age of Iron by J.M. Coetzee, Penguin, £4.99 Bliss by Peter Carey, Faber, £5.99 My Son's Story by Nadine Gordimer, Penguin, £5.99 By Night Under the Stone Bridge by Leo Perutz, Harper Collins, £6.99 The Rain Forest and School for Love by Olivia Manning, Mandarin, £4.99 and £4.50 The Virago Book of Fairy Tales edited by Angela Carter, Virago, £6.99 Non-fiction: The Soccer War by Ryszard Kapuscinski, Granta, £5.99 Clever Hearts: Desmond and Molly MacCarthy by Hugh and Mirabel Cecil, Gollancz, €7.99 A.A. Milne by Ann Thwaite, Faber, £9.99 Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls by Edward Leslie, Papermac, £12.99 Redcoats and Rebels by Christopher Hibbert, Paladin, £7.99 The Drift to War by Richard Lamb, Bloomsbury, £9.99 The Making of the English Middle Class by Peter Earle, Methuen, £12.99 A History of the Modern World by Paul Johnson, £9.99 The Identity of France, Volume II by Fernand Braude!, Fontana, £9.99 You've Had Your Time by Anthony Burgess, Penguin, £6.99 Big Deal by Anthony Holden, Corgi, £4.99 Alan Moorehead by Tom Pocock, Pimlico, £8 Baden-Powell by Tim Jeal, Pimlico, £10 Paul Scott by Hilary Spurling, Pimlico, £9 Crossman by Anthony Howard, Pimlico, £9.50 Georgian London by John Summerson, Pimlico, £15 The Violent Effigy: A Study of Dickens's Imagination, by John Carey, Faber, £6.99 The Invisible Woman by Claire Tomalin, Penguin, £6.99 Germany and the Germans by John Ardagh, Penguin, £7.99 The Play of the Eyes by Elias Canetti, Picador, £6.99 Childhood Years: A Memoir by Junichiro Tanizaki, Flamingo, £5.99 Reinventing Shakespeare by Gary Taylor, Vintage, £6.99 Chamberlain and the Lost Peace by John Charmley, Papermac, £12.99 Nine Faces of Kenya by Elspeth Huxley, HarperCollins, £8.99 Wolfe Tone by Marianne Elliott, Yale, £8.95 Now Read On by Bernard Levin, Sceptre, £5.99 Jeffrey Bernard is Still Unwell illustrated by Michael Heath, 4th Estate, £3.99 Turner's Rivers of Europe by Cecilia Powell, Tate Gallery, £17.95 O'Connell by Oliver Macdonagh, Weidenfeld, £12.99 The Selected Letters of Somerville and Ross edited by Gifford Lewis, Faber, £9.99