7 AUGUST 1852, Page 7



The condition of France affords the only political subject this morning. M. Bonaparte's progress towards imperial power is decided, marked, and unchecked. The new Councils-General have been elected under the most systematic and avowed pressure from the agents of the Government. So deeply has this been felt to be the case, that not only have the numbers voting been everywhere insignificant as compared to the number registered, but in some places sufficient numbers have not voted to legalize the elec- tion. Nor are traces of the Usurper less visible it other quarters. By his orders the bas-reliefs on the tomb of Napoleon in the Invalides, re- presenting the Prince de Joinville and Louis Philippe, have been removed. The same fate has befallen the monument erected to the memory of the Due d'Enghien in the chapel at Vincennes. Secretly, in the night, ac- cording to a " trustworthy ' correspondent of the Timm, a body of soldiein removed the marbles, broke the epitaph, and left the coffin without an in- scription. Not the least indication of the family game now played by M. Bonaparte is the increase of Corsicans in posts of honour and profit. It has now been positively asserted in the .Moniteur that the review and distribution of the eagles to the National Guard will take place on the 15th.

The Pacha of Tripoli, under pressure of a threatened bombardment, has surrendered his French prisoners.

A telegraphic despatch from the Hague, dated the 4th instant, announces that the States-General have rejected the treaty with France.