7 JULY 2007, Page 18

Wilcipedically correct

Sir: Christopher Howse (Books, 23 June) is quite right in his conclusion about Wikipedia that it is a 'useful tool, if used with judgment'. As a regular user of, and occasional contributor to, the website I can confirm its value, but would also say that it can be a huge source of irritation. One of the frustrations is that some entries are the jealously guarded preserve of the politically correct. To see what I mean go to the entry on the island of Ireland. Nowhere in this entry does it say that the island of Ireland is one of the 'British Isles' — notwithstanding the fact that this is self-evidently true. Your readers might amuse themselves by editing the entry so that its correct geographical descriptor is shown — and then see how long it takes for the 'anti-all-things-British' guardians of this entry to change it back again!

Patrick S. Briggs Teddington, Middlesex